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Been going to the local nail salon over the last few years. Lovely Asian ladies. One does my hair the other an occasional pedicure. The price is right. 

I always feel somewhat like I’m in a Seinfeld episode with Elaine though. Chatter chatter away in Vietnamese… giggle and giggle. Chatter and pointing. 

“So what we do today with hair?” Kim asks…

“Just roots,” I reply… fluff, fluffing my  hair…

“We gossip about you today,” Kim says…”you have very nice hair, full of body and wave, FOR SOMEONE YOUR AGE.” 

“Oh thank you,” I reply in a small voice.

Ten minutes later Mimi is finishing my pedicure and massaging my calves. 

“You have good muscle, FOR SOMEONE YOUR AGE, ” she remarks. 

“Wow,” I’m thinking not sure what to reply…

“You want eyebrow wax today?” Mimi asks in a tone hustling for business. 

“If you wax eyebrows, I will have the highest forehead in town. There isn’t much left there, FOR MY AGE,” I blurted out. “I’ll need to have new ones tattooed on.”

Giggle, giggle…

Happy birthday to me. 


Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64?

Never thought I would be singing that song myself when I first heard it in 1964~~~ my how time flies..