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 By Audrey J Morgan

 February 14, 2014


When I left home some years ago- I flew the coop, just jumped out of the nest to try it out on my own. No more people to order me around-to tell me what to do-or what not to do- I would to make my own decisions.


So I got a job where I was told what to do and what not to do-when I could come and when I could go- they paid me for this. Some small satisfaction for responsibility, discipline and work. $69 a week.  


Then I got married, danced the dance, he led, I followed. I still had to do what I was told. Sort of.  I danced by myself sometimes.


Then I became a mother and had people telling me from the womb what I should do and not do and even how to sleep, if that happened at all.


I could no longer eat onions or Mexican food or have a margarita. I could not sleep on my stomach or stay up late. I could not touch my toes or even see them. My body did not obey, I was morphing and could not stop it.


Then from birth – I didn’t even get to choose the date- these children told me when they wanted to eat and sleep and be held. I had a new appendage and no life of my own, no decisions as these helpless lives depended on me.


I did get moments of freedom. That was short-lived as the sports schedules started and I realized volunteer was a loose term-mandatory was more accurate. Watching games became a part-time job. I counted. If I watched every baseball game from the first inning to the last it would be 28 hours a week. So I caught highlights and even managed to watch a few at the same time roaming the baseball fields.


Some days when I got really tired I wished to have someone else take over and take a turn for me. But the “mother bear” reared up. They would really mess it up I was sure. The best “man” for the job was me.  


Now the nest is empty. I get to kiss the grandbabies and hand them back and see the cycle continue. 

February 2014