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Nanas Like a Monkey



Audrey Morgan




            Have you ever heard of eating nanas like a monkey? Well neither did I until my son and his family came to live with us for nine months.

          Nine months, nine long months. Six kids and him and his wife.  A true gestation, sort of the same symptoms as human gestation. But that is another story for another day or so. 

         So what is “eating nanas like a monkey” anyway?  Hold a banana upright and peel halfway down all around. DO NOT break off and hand the half a banana to a four-year-old. Hand the whole banana half peeled so he can eat it like a monkey.

             Since it always seemed like we have bananas around they could all eat nanas like a monkey whenever they wanted. My bananas never got brown speckles or brown all the way anymore. Not like before or now for that matter.

             I still buy a few, but never manage to eat them before the brown spots appear. Sometimes I peel one and hand it to hubbie. He won’t eat a brown spotted one or a browned skin beauty. So I resort to trickery.

             I always have high hopes of making banana bread with the browning bananas. But I refuse to just make one loaf, I must double the recipe if I’m going to all that work.

             So I peel the nanas, put them in a zip lock, seal and toss in the freezer.

             Two weeks later it happens all over again. And I always seem surprised. Toss another zip lock full of brown bananas in the freezer to make bread later.

             Well now the whole freezer door is packed and it’s July and hotter than blazes. I am not going to turn on the oven to bake banana bread. We do not have air conditioning. I usually only bake banana bread at Christmas anyway,

        So with much guilt I chuck all the baggies full of ice and frost and brown mush.

          I finally decide to buy the beauties in bulk. They were such a great price you know and since they are green they won’t ripen so fast. Wow, I discovered they just go from green to brown in no time and stay rock hard. So much for that experiment.

             So what to do? I guess I just keep buying a few each week in case I get visitors who want to eat their “nanas like monkeys.” And any leftover will be stored up for the banana bread.  Christmas will be here before you know it. I’ll just quadruple the batch. 

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