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You stepped into my life. A bargain at $15. A happenstance at Ross Dress for Less. Serendipity. It was love at first sight. I grabbed you and took you home. Showed you off proudly and bragged all about you. You helped me stand tall and sassy. You brought color to my world. Kept the dirt and dust out as I kicked up my heels.

But you got worn out but not down. And I could not bear to discard you. You were still worthy of a place. So I propped you up, filled you up with dirt and succulents. New role for you. Still filled my life with color and conversation.

But alas, I thought you’d reached the end, you’d seen better days. I nearly kicked you to the curb in haste. But I rescued you before the trash man took you away.

I decided you needed a few more outings and showings—in my sketchbook. You still have a few more miles to go before you sleep.